Infamous sing 'Arbeit Macht Frei' in Auschwitz I Main Gate of Auschwitz II Birkenau Wooden Barracks of Birkenau Road to the Gas Chambers of Birkenau Sunset in Auschwitz II Birkenau

General Info about my Tours

Auschwitz is located about an hour driving from Krakow. There are 2 Camps to see: KL Auschwitz I and KL Auschwitz II Birkenau. General tour takes about 2 hours in Auschwitz I and 1,5 hour in Birkenau. When your tour around Auschwitz I is completed I drive you to the second Camp - Birkenau. It's located 2 miles driving from Auschwitz so we get there in a few minutes.

Auschwitz Museum and Memorial Site are open almost everyday. The only exceptions are: 1st January, 25th December , Easter Sunday and during 'The March of The Living' (no constant date). Visiting on 17th January (Liberation Anniversary) is possible however only with a private guide.

Museum is open from 8:00am in low season and 7:30am in high season. I recommend you pick up in Krakow as early as possible (7am). Museum Auschwitz is the most visited tourist destination in Souther Poland and very often there are more than 8 thousands visitors a day! It's really worth to wake up early and avoid all crowds and queues. If early pick up is not possible You can consider afternoon tour (pick up after 2 pm). Please note that late afternoon option is available only during summer months when Auschwitz and Birkenau are open until 6 - 7 pm.

Sightseeing former Death Camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau is a very personal experience therefore I offer You 3 sightseeing options. Below you can find my recommendations based on my long-term experience. I hope you find them helpful.

Guided Group: A good option for smaller parties (up to 5 people) due to affordable ticket cost. If you prefer to listen to the guide instead of individual reading info from plaques and guide book it would be a good option for you. If reading Polish, English or Hebrew language is not your strong point it's also better to join a guided tour which is available in many languages. A disadvantage of this option is lack of flexibility and being a part of larger group. At 9:30am Museum runs also extended 6 hours study tour which is good option for more interested visitors.

Private Guide: This option needs reservation ideally 3-2 months before the date.

Individual Tour: Currenlty this option is not the best choice as you can enter Auschwitz only after 4pm ( in winter time earlier ) Considering time needed to see everything is Auschwitz is hard to enter Birkenau before closing time.

Guided Group

Guided Group in Birkenau

After an hour drive with my comfy minivan we arrive to KL Auschwitz I. Please remember that any bags etc. bigger then 30x20x10cm are not allowed in Museum, and you should leave them in vehicle. There is also security check scanning for metal objects and electronic devices so you will have to put them all on tray like at the airport.

If you plan your visit in Auschwitz in a high season, you should have your entry passes already purchased through official reservation website

Wireless headsets are provided to listen to the guide loud and clear even if she/he is not next to you. Usually there are 20 - 30 people in a group. During summer time is worth to join first tour (9:30 am) which is not so busy.

Regular ticket for a guided tour in foreign language (English, Italian, French, German, Italian and Spanish) cost 110 PLN per person. Reduced ticket for student and senior citizens costs 100 PLN per person.

Usually You spend 1 hour 45 minutes in Auschwitz one. Guide moves quite fast so there is no time for taking many pictures, meditating or visiting places of your choice. After short break You meet me at the car park. I drive You to Birkenau where you meet your guide and group again.

Tour around Birkenau lasts about 1,5 hour. When it's completed You meet me back at the car park and we depart to Krakow or another destination agreed before.

There is also 6 hours study group tour available in English, Polish or German. The price is 150PLN per person ( 140PLN reduced ). This option is a good choice for those who are particularly interested in Auschwitz and wants to see and learn more.

Private Guide

Thomas explaining the tourist route

If you'd like to be guided around by a private guide you must plan your visit far in advance. Please note that there is very high demand on English speaking guides, so if you'd be interested in this option please let me know as soon as possible.

Individual Tour

Guide Book and Information Plaques in Auschwitz

Sightseeing on your own is free of charge, however you still need an entry pass, you can get from official reservation website

Please note that entry to Museum for that option is very late - making your rushed to enter Birkenau before closing time.